Web Design - a 21st Century Trend

By Elliot McHugh

Web designers are becoming more and more popular in today’s society. With the customer shift to online ecommerce stores and the emergence of superpower sites like Amazon and eBay, buying and finding things online in 2020 has never been easier.

…And the Coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated E-commerce sales. Since worldwide lockdown alone, Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos has added a staggering $24 Billion dollars to his net worth. Amazon’s share price rose by 5.3% and in the US, an extra 100,000 people have been employed to cope with the rising demand for goods – that’s craaazy!

Web design and content marketing has been a highly influential factor in driving the growth of companies like Amazon over recent years, with SEO becoming a real game changer for many businesses. In this article, we explore why web design is becoming more popular in 2020…

1. Web Design has an influence on your brand identity

Having a sleek, modern website which is well designed and easy to use encourages web users to interact with your brand and return to your website.

If people have a positive user experience on your website, they are likely to think of your brand as trendy and up to date. In a study published by Stanford University, it was found that 75% of users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on visual design alone – that’s a lot of people!

Make sure you employ a skilled web designer who creates a thorough, easy to navigate web design. If you’re struggling to find an affordable web designer, EJM Web Design is here to help. Get in touch with us on 0208 054 0555 or send us an enquiry here.

2. Web Design has an influence on how much your customers trust you

Trust is crucial in business. According to Igniyte, displaying reviews can increase conversion rates by 270% – that’s massive and something you should definitely pay attention to!

Using a web designer that takes into account testimonials is a real must, so be aware of the influence that positive reviews can have on your business!

3. Your competitors are doing it!

It’s highly likely that your biggest competitors will have a website, and, in some cases, may even be taking away business that would normally be going to you. If their page is more appealing, and things are easier to find than yours, chances are the web user will go with them and not you.

Your website’s design is the perfect opportunity to sell your brand – you want a site which stands out from the rest and encourages people to buy your services, not your competitors. For help with SEO London, EJM Web Design is happy to assist. Call 0208 054 0555.

4. Mobile friendliness

Nowadays, with 85% of adults thinking that a company’s mobile website design should be as good or better than their desktop website design, it’s crucial that your web designer focuses on mobile and tablet responsiveness.

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5. People want things instant

People like to get things instantly. Being able to open your phone, type what you want into google, and find it, has created a world where pretty much anything can be found through a search engine. And why not add your company or brand to the list? If someone is looking for a “web designer Ealing” or “web designer London,” having your brand rank can really help to drive conversions.

Remember to also pay attention to speed, because it is widely known that 70% of customers say site speed impacts their purchasing decision, so beware.

And that’s it; why web design is becoming more and more popular nowadays. If you liked this blog, share it on social media. Alternatively, if you need web design or SEO services, contact us on 0208 054 055 or send us an enquiry by form submission.

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