Things to Think about when hiring a social media management company

18th October, 2021

By Elliot McHugh

Let’s face it, social media has grown hugely over the past decade. With over 3.6 billion people using social media as of 2020, it is estimated that by 2024, 4.41 billion people will be using channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

For this reasons, hundreds of digital marketing agencies around the world have turned their focus to offering social media management services.

In fact, lots of companies in the UK are outsourcing their social media management. This is because they find it easier to control their social media campaigns by hiring a professional SEO company in the UK.  Often search optimists are knowledgeable when it comes to leveraging traffic from social media.

Doing it all yourself can often be a daunting and cumbersome task for a business owner, let alone the amount of time it takes to grow a social chanel. 

These days many companies, especially those that have just started, cannot afford to take their hands off their sales pipeline and knuckle down with their social media marketing.

They have realised that hiring professional SEO services in the UK can give them more leverage and increase their ROI.

Below you will find some of the benefits that having a professional social media management company in UK can give and the top things to look out for when pricing up an agency (like us!):

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1.   Think about the power of analyticsHiring a professional social media management company in the UK allows one to keep all their platforms organised in one place, with a dashboard detailing the growth, followers and audience engagement.

The dashboard gives one quick overview of which of the various social media platforms are contributing to which metrics. Thus, it allows a business to focus on the specific channels that are most relevant to its product and business goals. For example, TikTok has grown in recent years and may be driving most of X person’s eCommerce sales. Having a key understanding of these metrics can be incredibly valuable for a business owner.

Make sure that you ask the company you are hiring what kind of tracking software they use and how they share it with you as a client.

2.  Optimal set up and integration – A single social media management platform is simply not enough. One must integrate all the marketing platforms they can to get a holistic overview of sales performance.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to hire a professional SEO provider in the UK to provide the most appropriate setup.

Experts from such companies understand the needs of each social media management platform. As a result, the platforms can be integrated to receive the most accurate analytics.

This allows a company to monitor the performance of its channel network and also see the performance of its brand campaigns.

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3.  How does the company you’re hiring manage content? – As with any online marketing endeavour, consistency is a must. It is for this reason that social media management platforms must be capable of providing the same content on all the channels.

A social media manager should work closely with the client and devise strategies to ensure that content remains consistent across all the platforms. This is important so that your audience knows you are an authentic business specialising in a particular niche. Spreading yourself too wide can end up diluting your brand’s message and actually have a reverse effect on your sales.

While some brands may prefer to have more than one social media presence (such as Facebook and Twitter), others may want to concentrate only on one platform (such as Google+).

The social media management manager should understand the brand’s strategy and make sure that the solution provided extends beyond a single channel. Make sure you communicate with the company you are hiring and be explicitly clear about your marketing objectives.

4. Unmatched insight into the market – Unlike other forms of traditional marketing, a social media management agency UK has the advantage of gathering market intelligence data on its own (based on the clients they already work with). They will know what works and doesn’t work within your industry.

Apart from influencing strategy formulation and managing the brand’s reputation among customers and prospects, the social media management agency also helps channel bring the right customers to the right platforms at the right time. This can help reduce unnecessary spending on advertisements on underperforming platforms.

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5.  Does the company have access to leading social media management tools – Although social media management tools vary in terms of scope, Hootsuite comes highly recommended by experts due to its range of functionalites and ease of use.

In particular, it allows for the management of Facebook pages, Twitter handles and Pinterest pages, all from one Dashboard. The best thing about using hootsuite is that the platform comes free of charge, and requires no sign-up or fee to use the service.

As a social media management agency, you would definitely want to gain access to the most cutting-edge tools that can make your platform stand out from the rest.

6.  Is the company good with their communication – The best social media management companies are excellent at communicating progress and issues to their clients. They might offer you a presentation on PowerPoint or simply call you with a detailed update. Whatveer their communication method, make sure it’s regular and clear. 

7. Build a network of followers – For social media management marketing to work effectively, it is essential that the agency finds a way to build a strong social media community. This can be done by engaging actively with existing clients as well as gaining new ones.

Through this, your company will gain an opportunity to expand its social media marketing footprint.

Additionally, you can also provide a means for feedback, which can be monitored and measured, making your clients feel involved and valued.

This can also make them feel that they have a voice in the decision-making process as they become a part of a crucial decision-making team.


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