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  • Follower growth

    We can help give your posts a wider reach by organically growing your business' social media followers.

    Our team will connect with other businesses in your niche to forge long term relationships and encourage regular engagement with your posts. It will also help with overall brand awareness within the industry. Recently, we helped UK based shop Gift Raven grow their account from 0 - 1,203 followers in just 14 days - we'd love to help you do the same!

  • Targeted Ad Campaigns

    Did you know that Facebook reaches 59% of the world’s social networking population and that an average Facebook user clicks on 12 ads per month? Social media usage is growing, and we can support you with optimising your ads for your target audience.

    Whether it's using the right description or targeting the ideal age group, we can provide advice and support with social media marketing. We always speak in-depth with clients so that we really understand how to pitch the product or service.

  • Content Management

    Struggling to get posts out on social media regularly? We know when you're balancing hundreds of things, it can be tough to keep consistent with social media. If only it could all be done at the click of a button!

    Our social media management team, based in the UK, can put together posts to keep your followers engaged. Our team brings a wealth of experience in photoshop, video editing and has a bank of stock images which can be used to supplement client images & support content marketing. Get in touch on for more details.

Social Media Management FAQ's

Of course! We cover all social media platforms including, but not limited to, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz and YouTube

As a social media management company in the UK, we can help grow your social media followers and assist with the creation of ads to increase web traffic, sales or brand notability on the web.

The cost will vary depending on the scope of the project. If you are looking to grow your account to over 10,000+ followers, it requires more work for our team, so the cost will be more. It is important to note that the social management process takes time (between 6-12 months), so please get in touch with us on for more details on timing and pricing.

For our follower growth service, you can expect to see results quickly. Recently, we helped Gift Raven grow their followers from 0 to over 1,200 in 2 weeks, which is a growth rate of 86 followers per day. Average likes per post was 90. All followers were also UK based and organic (meaning there were no bots or spam accounts to manipulate the metrics).

For more comprehensive services such as the ad campaigns, results may take slightly longer as our team needs to sit down with the client and assess possible avenues or routes for hitting growth targets. Generally, clients liaise with a member of our team over zoom to plan the process and break down the steps. 

Yes we do – we employ a range of strategies to identify potential customers and audiences in each niche, and use things like DM’s to engage in partnerships to assist with account growth. 

In some cases, we liaise with influencers on behalf of clients or businesses to help promote certain services or goods. This is often in niches like beauty and clothing, which have high engagement rates and benefit from influencer marketing. 

Yes we can help with this. EJM Web Design uses special tools to identify followers who aren’t following you back. We can either bulk unfollow or present a list to you and work from there. View our privacy policy here.

Yes we can. Our team has extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and can help touch up photos if you require this on top of social media marketing.

For example, you may want to make the sky ‘bluer’ in a post or get rid of a car in the background which is spoiling an image. Just send in your project requirements using the form below and we’ll get back to you about our management services as soon as possible!

We do post on your behalf. We make sure to optimise the title, alt text, description and hashtags on each of your posts before they get pushed out. We always make sure that the content marketing is authentic and aligns with client requirements. 

Doing it this way helps to save you time – you don’t even need to login!

We always provide a full report on all of the social media work that we carry out. If it’s follower growth you require, we provide you with a detailed report of percentage growth rate and daily growth. 

We will always work closely to the objectives set by the client and the agreed project proposal. You can get in touch with us at any stage of the management process on 0208 054 0555 or

Nope! We can offer social media management anywhere! As long as you have access to a computer and a mobile device, we can help with brand awareness! 

Drop our social media team a message on for more details. Privacy policy.

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