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What does SEO involve?

On-Page SEO Services

As a professional SEO company, one of the first steps of search engine optimisation involves a comprehensive optimisation of the website's backend and frontend. This involves making sure that all content is written to the correct length, targeted keywords appear at the correct density on the page and, most importantly, there are no errors or issues with the website (e.g. speed or server issues). Making sure your site's meta tags and meta descriptions are optimised is also crucial for SEO.

Off-Page SEO Services

Off page SEO refers to actions taken outside of the website to help increase its visibility in search engines. A great off-page strategy will focus on building high-quality backlinks to your website, as well as brand visibility through things like guest blogging and press releases. All of these elements come together to help raise your brand's presence and 'notability,' which help to boost search rankings. Off-page SEO works hand in hand with a good on-page SEO strategy.

In the Press

Press releases can be an incredibly powerful way to improve your website rankings on Google and also drive organic traffic to your site. However, it's very important that press releases are well written and niche-specific, otherwise they could have a negative effect on your overall rankings. As an SEO service London, our content team can help write high-quality articles and get them inserted into digital magazines to help build your presence in search engines

Getting Social

With over 45 million social media users in the UK as of 2021, now more than ever platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are being used by businesses to promote products and services to users. Our social media team can help you rapidly grow your follower count and draft regular content to help keep your customers engaged. Get in touch with your project requirements: and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


This is a great question, and one that is hard to give an exact answer, even as a professional SEO company! It largely depends on the ‘competition’ of keywords you are trying to rank for.

For example, a search term like ‘cat food’ is highly competitive and may take a brand new site over a year to rank for – you’ll be up against the likes of ‘Pets at Home’ who have huge marketing budgets with hundreds of staff nationwide on the ball with search engine optimisation. However, less competitive search terms can take anywhere from 3-6 months to rank for. That’s with a good SEO campaign of course!

The cost of a full website build is a one-off fee, however, due to the ongoing work required for SEO, we do charge monthly fee for this service.

We provide regular reports via email and track your website stats/visitors using Google Analytics to keep you up to date. If you’re interested in our professional SEO services or web design services, please get in touch with our sales team on

Link building refers to the process of building high quality links which point towards your domain to increase its ‘authority’ on the web. For every link that gets passed to your website, its ‘strength’ increases a little bit more. 

All websites on the web have an ‘authority score,’ which many base off the Ahrefs domain rating. A score between 60-100 is considered ‘very strong,’ while a score of less than 20 is a less powerful domain on the web. Think of domains like Apple and YouTube – they sit in the 90-100 bracket and attract millions of visitors every day. Using our SEO services, we can help you build that authority on the web, which will help you rank in search engines. 

Yes! Search engine optimisation is not a recent phenomenon – any professional SEO company will tell you that. It has been around for years and is changing every day. Often, Google releases algorithm changes which can affect your position is the search results. We keep a close eye on any Google updates.

With more than 65 million web users here in the UK, having a strong digital presence can help drive leads and increase sales for your business. If you’re not doing SEO, your competitors certainly might be!

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You can use simple tools like SemRush’s Site Audit tool which offers an extensive range of thematic reports which examine crawlability, HTTPS, site performance, as well as errors, warnings, and notices across over 130 points!

However, our web design and professional SEO packages can cover this for you if you need! Just get in touch with our team on for more details.

Images play a crucial part in any SEO campaign. Using ALT text and high quality images are crucial to help your site rank in Google. However, it is also important to note that high MB images can prove costly for site speed, so we always compress images when designing pages. 

Absolutely! Local SEO is a great way to attract business in the area. Our SEO services are not just limited to one area though. We try to target multiple areas in order to maximise conversions.

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