About us

I founded EJM web design, based in London, as a way of channeling my creative passion for online marketing and website design. The first website that I ever built was my father’s metal roofing website. Initially, the company didn’t have any online presence and was yet to be found on Google.

Since building and optimising the site, The Metal roof Company’s traffic has grown to over 4,500 visitors a month, and over 55,000 visitors each year. It was through the journey of building this site that I discovered the importance of having an online presence to assist business growth – online business marketing is a largely untapped market and one that is growing every day. In 2019, e-retail sales accounted for 14.1% of all retail sales worldwide, and this is predicted to rise to 22% in 2023. Lots of people don’t focus on SEO, and it’s a real mistake.

As an international athlete competing for Great Britain, I’ve learned the importance of working with other individuals to achieve a goal, which is why I spend lots of time with clients to ensure I am delivering exactly what they ask for. I also believe in offering competitive pricing to allow smaller business to kickstart their online journey, just like the Metal Roof Company. Other agencies who charge upwards of £30,000 for a single website and a further £2,000 for monthly maintenance – we understand that this can be a daunting investment for many businesses. EJM Web Design offers a cost-effective solution for your online marketing needs. Feel free to drop us a line on info@ejmwebdesign.co.uk  or send us an enquiry

Elliot McHugh

Professional Web Design

We build professional, sleek websites and pride ourselves on high customer satisfaction. Before we start any project, we work closely with clients to ensure our 'design goals' are aligned. A comprehensive website design process ensures the customer is satisfied every step of the way.


We use in-depth research and analysis of your market, customers and competition to provide top-quality SEO services.  We cover both on-page and off-page search engine optimisation to help your site rank on page 1 of Google. Note that this process can take 4-8 months, depending on compeititon level.

Social Media Management

With experience growing social media accounts, EJM Web Design can help boost your business notablity. We can help you feature in press articles, support with blog writing and also help with social channel growth. Email us at info@ejmwebdesign.co.uk for more details about our content marking service.