5 Ways to Wow Your Clients with Your Web Design

2nd September, 2021

By Elliot McHugh

There’s no doubt about it – web design has changed over the years, and now people are looking for mobile responsive, SEO friendly websites that perform well.

In this blog, we run through 5 ways a web design agency can impress their clients.

  1. Use sleek website animations

Everyone loves animations on a website. They help to make transitions between pages much smoother, and they reveal content slowly so that the page is not overwhelming.

You need to be careful how many animations you use though, because sometimes they can make your page load time slower.

A slow page load time is bad for a number of reasons. Firstly, Google’s new page experience algorithm means that user experience must be a priority for web designers. As a web design London company, we make sure all sites are speedy. Also, a slow page load time can increase your bounce rate, meaning more people leave your website. Customers will always be impressed by a quick website which uses a variety of sleek animations to bring together content.

  1. Use great images

Images make a huge difference on the look and feel of your website. When designing a site, make sure to use high quality stock images and make them visible on page.

You can then use these images on social media. If you need help with social media management UK, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We are 80% more likely to read images before text when it comes to web browsing, so pay attention to quality!

Videos can also be a great way to impress your client. Putting together a short, snappy company video and placing it in the ‘about us’ section makes the site more personal and engaging.

There’s nothing worse than stumbling on an about us page which is full of boring text! Staff or company images can also be used to help create brand identity and transparency.

See below for an example of a great about us page:

web design

3. Make the content easy to read

One of the best ways you can impress your web design client is to make the website simple and easy to read. Don’t try and clutter everything on one page – it never hurts to separate content!

Make use of elements like dividers and background shades to break up content.

Remember, we process information visually, so keeping the noise down helps to focus visitor attention and continue using your site.

Try not to use too many columns on your web pages either. Having lots of columns makes it hard to know where to look when scrolling through the website.

Using simple language is also critical in web development. Don’t use fancy text or complex words; keep the tone simple, informative and friendly.

4. Wow clients with an awesome navigation menu

Nav menus can be tough to build. One of the most important things when designing a website navigation menu is to make it clear exactly where everything is.

If you have lots of pages, why not opt for a mega menu which uses the full width of the page in the dropdown. This is a great option for ecommerce websites which have loads of pages because it makes it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for. See below for an example of a great website mega menu:

Mega Menu

5. Add extra functionality

Lastly, why not WOW your client with a bonus feature, like a booking form or social media feed integration? Everyone likes web design and SEO agencies which go the extra mile to deliver on a project.

With lots of businesses like hair salons moving online, now more than ever things like booking forms and calendar integration is an integral part of the web design process.

So there we have it! The top 5 ways you can impress your web design client. Read more in our blog section

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