5 Ways Social Media Management services can support your business

13th September, 2021

By Elliot McHugh

Did you know that there are currently 3.78 billion social media users around the world?! And approximately 53.6% of the world’s population uses social media? These are big numbers, and nowadays, social media is becoming a primary sales avenue for many businesses.

In this blog, EJM Web Design explores the top reasons why you should hire a social media management agency to support your business.

  1. A social media management service can save you time

Let’s face it – finding content relating to your business to post online can take a while. You might not have the right pictures, or simply not know what to write as a caption for an Instagram or Facebook post.

Using a trusted social media agency means that all posts are taken care of by a third-party company – you don’t have to worry about sourcing content for posts. This can save huge amounts of time in the long run, allowing you to focus on other parts of the business. As a company based in London with experience in web design, we can ensure that your business gets the exposure it deserves.

  1. Social media is a great way to boost sales

The global coronavirus pandemic has taught us many things about the way people interact with the internet. Now, many people are buying online. To capitalise on this, you need to make sure that, if you are an eCommerce website, you are capturing the younger market on social media.

Platforms like Tiktok have grown hugely in the pandemic, and many companies are now creating short, fun videos to promote their products or brand. The recent addition of YouTube shorts has also encouraged companies to diversify the social media platforms they are on. Our social media management UK services make sure that the best platforms are used to boost your online presence. Some businesses will need platforms like TikTok to gain exposure to a younger audience, whereas other might need more Facebook Ads targeting. 

It’s important to recognise the age differences across platforms. Twitter and Facebook are more commonly used by the older generation, whilst Tiktok, Instagram and Snapchat are used by teens.

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3. Using social media creates customer loyalty

By posting regularly on social media and engaging with followers, you help to establish a long lasting relationship with your customers. Not only does connectedness build customer loyalty, it also helps to improve the reputation of your brand.

Using a social media management company ensures that your customers get the attention they deserve with regular posts across multiple social media platforms. One study carried out by INC found that 62% of Millennials are more loyal to brands that engage directly with them on social media.

4. Gain an insight into your target market

With the huge amount of data available on social media, there is no better way to understand the marketplace than on social media. For example, if you run a clothing eCommerce brand, you might find that people who engage with sports media accounts are more likely to buy slim fit clothing. This statistic was made clear to you because of your presence on social media.

Check out our blog about the future of eCommerce for more detials.

5. Social media is the future

Social media is growing rapidly, particularly with more and more young people having access form an early age. Platforms like Snapchat care being used every second, giving marketers a brilliant opportunity to sell their message.

If you’re looking for a social media management company, EJM Web Design can support you. Get in touch with us on info@ejmwebdesign.co.uk for more details on our packages, pricing and discounts.

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